Let's Run for Fun!

Running Club is a non-competitive group of students who voluntarily gather before school to run or walk and work toward their personal mileage goals.  The club is open to all grades.  Running Club objectives include fostering self-confidence, improving health, and having a great time!  We hope to see you there!


Fridays 7:35 - 7:50 am
Just drop in.  No pre-registration is necessary.


JPTA Schoolyard


There are no fees.  Participation in Running Club is free!  

How Does it Work?

Guardian volunteers set up a 1/10-mile loop with cones around the schoolyard.  As a student completes a lap, s/he receives a Running Club stick from a volunteer.  Students complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time, approximately 15 minutes.  Students may either run or walk but must stay outside of the cones.  

A guardian volunteer will announce when Running Club time is over.  Students must complete all laps before 7:50 am.  Students will not be allowed to complete any laps that they are currently running or walking when the parent volunteer on duty calls out that the session has ended.  Volunteers will try to give students time warnings as 7:50 am approaches.

Students turn in their sticks to a volunteer at the completion of the session.  Volunteers will keep a running total throughout the year for each participant.

Students will earn badges called "toe tokens," which are small, colorful foot-shaped key-ring tags, for cumulative mileage goals reached. 

Other Information

Guardians are welcome to run or walk with JPTA students during Running Club, and siblings are allowed if a guardian is present and volunteers deem it safe for them to run.  However, only JPTA students will collect sticks and earn toe tokens.

Unfortunately, in the case of a lost or dropped stick, replacement sticks cannot be given unless turned in by another student.

In the case of inclement weather, Running Club will be cancelled.  If you are unsure of the weather conditions, come by the schoolyard and see if the cones are set up.  If they are not set up, Running Club has been cancelled.  Enjoy being early to school.

Running Club t-shirts were available for purchase in September and early October 2016.  If you were unable to order a shirt during the order period, please speak with a Running Club volunteer or Mrs. Steph Preciado-Shelton, Art Teacher.  If there is a large demand, we may be able to place a second order.  Running Club t-shirts have the winning student design on the front and mileage goal checkboxes on the back, and they are allowed on Fridays in lieu of a JPTA t-shirt or uniform shirt.  

Please Volunteer with Us!

Guardian involvement is crucial for the success of Running Club, and we need you!  Please drop in on Friday mornings or contact Stephanie Haan-Amato at haan_amato@yahoo.com to become one of our wonderful volunteers.


Please talk with one of our organizing parents, Stephanie Haan-Amato (haan_amato@yahoo.com) or Amy Collins.


Running Club 2016-17 School Year T-Shirt Design Contest Winner, Sofia Amato, 3rd Grade