What are the Phoenix Awards?

The JPTA Phoenix Awards are given quarterly to outstanding students and adults in our school community who go above and beyond to make our school a wonderful place to learn. 
Awards are given in the following categories:
- Elementary Student
- Middle School Student
- Teacher
- Staff Member
- Volunteer
Phoenix Award recipients will receive a personalized award and a gift certificate.  Recognition will be provided on social media, on the Phoenix Awards board in the media center/library, and in person at a public school event, meeting, or in class, depending on the recipient.
Nomination Process
Please help the JPTA staff, PAC, and Governance Council by nominating JPTA community members for the quarterly Phoenix Awards.
Pick up a nomination form in the office or download one below.
Anyone in our community can nominate anyone else, and a person can submit as many nominations as they'd like for separate people.  Self-nominations are acceptable.  Only one nomination per nominee is allowed; multiple nominations of a nominee by the same nominator will not be considered.
To make a nomination for any award category, please complete the nomination form and place it in the wooden submission box on the wall in the front office by the following due dates.
Quarterly Phoenix Awards Due Dates:
- 1st Quarter: August 27
- 2nd Quarter: December 3
- 3rd Quarter: February 19
- 4th Quarter: May 6
Awards Selection
Nomination forms will be evaluated based on the following criteria.  When making nominations, please provide as much evidence as possible that the nominee:
- Shows excellence
- Contributes to our community and/or makes JPTA a better place
- Demonstrates leadership
- Show kindness and consideration to others
Let's recognize those who do amazing things for our school community!